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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


During his time in office, Jon Poda has worked hard to mobilize law enforcement and the community to focus on the methamphetamine problem and provide resources that can increase knowledge and help preserve property values throughout Summit County.

As author of the Summit County Methamphetamine Property Awareness Task Force, Jon recognized how this serious problem can not only affect our families and friends, but also affect real estate values in areas where meth labs have been located. In 2008, Jon introduced the legislation that made the Task Force a reality.

To this end, the Methamphetamine Property Awareness Website was developed in concert with the Summit County Sheriff's Office to provide useful resources, including links to property searches that you may find useful. The website was designed to assist residents in determining if a property has been affected by the use or production of meth, and also serve to deliver other useful information on this dangerous drug.

Beyond the affects of the drug on those who use it, Meth is a serious problem, causing environmental harm because of the hazardous wastes that are generated. The chemicals used to make meth are toxic, and the meth lab operators have been known to dump their production waste in houses, backyards, fields, sewage systems and other unsecured locations. It puts children at risk...suffering from neglect after living with parents who “cook” meth in their homes, or who is a meth user.

Working together, we can help eliminate this problem and make our neighborhoods a safer, healthier place for all. Visit the Task force website here.